Check out some of the interesting and exciting updates from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud October 2020 Release

With the enhancements on Marketing Cloud App and setup, Automation Studio changes can be tracked by Advanced Audit trail. Logged events (for 60 days) for automations and activities can be viewed by the Advanced Audit trail users in Automation Studio and can identify who made those changes. This can be achieved by exporting Audit Trail events to SFTP using an Audit Trail Data Extract activity in Automation Studio or SOAP API. Besides that, securing the custom domain is much faster now. Previously, the Marketing Cloud process for provisioning SSL Certificates lasted up to 4-6 weeks for securing the domains. With the new self-serve SSL feature one can request to secure custom domains directly within Marketing Cloud Setup.

Get more details with the Email Job Error alert in Alert Manager

Salesforce has made it easier to track the email send failures by providing more details with the Email Job Error alert in Alert Manager, a summary report can be received if you have over 100 subscribers in the list or data extension fail to process after the send is complete.

Among the other things, MSCRM online integration with Marketing Cloud was retired on 1 December 2020. This retirement is due to the enforcement of the Unified Interface by MS Dynamics which means the MS Dynamics Connector by Marketing Cloud is not compatible with the Unified Interface anymore. As the Create Classic Email is being retired in January 2021, the A/B Test Email Sends feature that relies on the functionality of Email Studio Classic Content is also being retired which means A/B Test Email Sends in Sales and Service Cloud will no longer be available.

Build more precise targeting of LinkedIn posts with Social Studio improvements

Marketing Cloud has made some interesting improvements on Social Studio. You can now target LinkedIn posts more precisely with expanded regional options. LinkedIn now supports more regions for better audience targeting. The new options are available to all Social Studio users when publishing a LinkedIn post. Social Studio Facebook and LinkedIn posts images accessibility can be improved by adding alt text. Users who publish new LinkedIn content can include alt text to provide increased accessibility for customers.

With the new release Interaction Studio allows you to create granular account roles, transfer file safely and securely with SMTP, and import data using feeds. Also, in Interaction Studio, you can use Web Templates for Web Personalization, get insight into activity and campaign visibility, and trigger a journey when certain customer criteria is met. LinkedIn company matching capabilities are made available in Advertising Studio.